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Build your dynamic or PDF menu instantly!

Menu-builder is a simple way to create a digital menu for your business, with a minimum cost. It is easy, fast and a money saver! No application download or credit card required.

Digital menu layout

There are hundred solutions for a digital menu. From a single pdf to the most responsive format, you can choose which solution better fits your needs! We offer you the following solutions:

1. Create a Pdf QR menu

Sign up (no payment required), upload your pdf and you are ready! Uploading a PDF is the simplest way to keep up with menu edits. You can change the pdf unlimited times, free of charge.  

2. Build an interactive QR menu

Use our user-friendly platform to build an interactive QR menu for your business from scratch. Follow simple steps and enjoy 30-days FREE TRIAL. 

Discover the first #DIY digital menu

Quick sign up

Gain free accees to our menu management platform and start building your digital menu.
No credit card or application download required.

Add content

Upload a Pdf file or add categories, products, drag and drop photos and enjoy the process of creating your own digital menu without needing any technical skills.

QR code

Download your qr code and use it from day one. You can always come back and do unlimited changes to your menu, anytime.

The platform

Easy to use

Add categories and items with 1-click

Drag & drop features

Drag and drop to insert images or to change order.
Zero need of technical skills

Preview anytime

Everything happens in cloud so you can instantly preview changes and go live

Easy to use

Build your digital menu, at your own pace

Safety first solution

Contactless menu to minimize interactions

Reduce operating costs

No printing, editing and maintenance costs. All
changes can be done instantly and with zero cost

100% mobile responsive

Money saver

Build your digital menu with a minimum cost.

Innovation to your service

Multilingual menus

We support 100+ languages

Eco friendly solution

We support 100+ languages

Trusted by our clients

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